Age Of War EP

The third release on Urban Scrumping Records is "Age of War", the debut EP by French dubstep producer Darkham.

Age of War explores the heavier side of Dubstep, and results in a varied collection of songs, featuring haunting gothic vocals, irresistible synth hooks and the overall dark and grimey sound which Darkham creates so well.

It also features a collaboration with London based MC/Producer Aggi Dukes, on the soulful grooves and unrelenting amen assault of "Inner Storm".

All 6 tracks demonstrate Darkham’s uncompromising approach to production, and clearly show that he is a producer to watch out for in 2008.

The "Age of War" EP features the following tracks:

  1. The Last Ritual
  2. Age of War
  3. Inner Storm (feat. Aggi Dukes)
  4. Space Odyssey
  5. Gravity
  6. Amok