Back in 1999 when Gyu first heard 'The Hip Hop Phenomenon' he knew his life had changed forever.

This was Gyu's first experience of Nu skool breaks and it was the catalyst that inspired him to begin to mix Breaks.

A year or two later Gyu moved to Bristol, and he was soon a key player in the free party scene, being an original member of the [Dissident] crew, throwing parties and DJing in the Bristol area long before establishing themselves as one of the UK's premier Drum and Bass nights.

Gyu found himself a resident at the infamous Bashout nights in Bristol as a part of the Dissident crew, which was followed up by his debut 12" release, 'Tryst' on Jungletek Movement in 2005.

It was shortly after this, that Gyu began to struggle to pick out records which excited him from the Breaks genre. Luckily, he discovered instead the early sounds of artists such as Vex’d, Search & Destroy, Toasty and Reso, whose proto-Dubstep sound fitted much closer with Gyu's idea of how Breakbeat music should sound.

The production values of such artists resonated with Gyu's own musical ideas, resulting in his own fresh take on Breaks, an amalgam of Nu Skool, Dubstep and Garage.

Gyu began to collaborate with Dissident member Globe Rotter as Mad-Tek and released the 'False Flag' E.P. on Digital Distortions. This was followed by his solo effort 'Ill-Shaped' on the same label.

Gyu's music continues to demonstrate his clinical production providing dramatic impact alongside melodic depth, and receives a wide range of support from artists such as Warlock, Noyeahno and Blackmass Plastics.

Forthcoming releases include remixes for Subgrade Records and Noodles Recordings, as well as his first release on Urban Scrumping Records, with the 'Rorschach' E.P. due for release in October 2008.