Rorschach EP

The 4th release on Urban Scrumping Records is the "Rorschach" EP by Bristol based producer Gyu.

Gyu provides a refreshing take on Nu Skool Breaks, being equally influenced by artists such as Vex’d, Search & Destroy, Toasty and Reso, whose proto-Dubstep sounds draw parallels with Gyu’s own opinion of how Breakbeat music should sound.

The "Rorschach" EP clearly demonstrates Gyu’s clinical production, providing dramatic impact alongside melodic depth.

The punishing Breakstep sounds of "Mettle" and "Rorschach" sit comfortably alongside the electro breaks inspired "Bust" and "Light Brick". The EP concludes with the ethereal, uplifting track "Unknowable", which again showcases the deeper, melodic side of Gyu’s output.

This musical diversity has led to a wide range of support from artists such as Warlock, Noyeahno and Blackmass Plastics.

The "Rorschach" EP compliments previous releases on Digital Distortions and Jungletek Movement, and with forthcoming remixes for Subgrade Records and Noodles Recordings, Gyu is certainly a producer to watch out for in 2009.

The "Rorschach" EP features the following tracks:

  1. Rorschach
  2. Bust
  3. Mettle
  4. Light Brick
  5. Unknowable