Solve the Problem

The sixth release on Urban Scrumping Records is "Solve the Problem" by London based producer Full Spektrum. The dancefloor killer "Solve the Problem" is accompanied by the haunting, yet soulful "Voices of Angels", with both songs featuring the trademark rolling breaks and old school samples Full Spektrum injects into the 'dubstep' sound to make it his own. 

Starting with the punishing sounds of “Solve the Problem”, this subsonic roller introduces the release with 4/4 pounding kicks, stuttered vocals and shuffled percussion.

“Voices of Angels” provides a more organic approach to the music, with a more stuttering half-step feel. The cool rolling percussion and deep sub bass give this track a unique hypnotic groove, with the ethereal sounds and eerie vocals perfect for night time listening.

The distinct sounds of Full Spektrum has not gone unnoticed, with a wide range of support from the likes of  Bunzer0, Matt U, Rob Booth, Twisted (Dutty Dubz), Stormfield and Blackmass Plastics.

With releases also currently out and forthcoming on Mata Syn, Bankai Audio, UK Trends and Filthy Digital, 2009 is going to be a big year for this talented producer.

The release features the following tracks:

  1. Solve the Problem
  2. Voices of Angels