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Brighton based musician Anneka has been a long term collaborator with Phaeleh and has previous releases with Ital Tek and Milanese. She's currently busy recording vocals for the forthcoming Starkey and Vex'd albums on Planet-Mu which are due to drop early next year.


Indi KaurIndi Kaur

Indi Kaur is a vocalist, songwriter and composer. Previous collaborations with the likes of Atki2, Pinch, Forensics and Talvin Singh have provided this London based musician with the perfect opportunity to showcase her amazing vocal talents.


Shammi PithiaShammi Pithia

Shammi Pithia is a Composer/Producer from East London. He currently writes and produces various styles of music for many diverse musicians; however his focal interest lies in creating music inspired by Indian classical music. Shammi released his EP ‘Cinema for the Ears’ in March 2008, and is currently working on his follow up album ‘Audio Descriptive’ as well as the forthcoming Aggi Dukes album, both released later this year.


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