Darkroom EP

For the fifth instalment of Urban Scrumping Records, we bring the greatly anticipated "Darkroom" EP by Bristol based producer Sclist. Heavily inspired by his passion for glitchy electro breaks and dubwise techno, Sclist's sound is far removed from the generic dubstep formula and the "Darkroom" EP demonstrates just this.

Starting with the dark, brooding sounds of "Darkroom", Sclist's production skills are instantly recognisable with his meticulous attention to sonic detail. With haunting techno-esque chords, grimey bass sounds and glitched-up melodies, Sclist's "Darkroom" delivers on both dance-floors and headphones.

The EP develops further with the ethereal and flowing textures of "Kigelia", which demonstrates Sclist's versatility at mastering different styles. The cool rolling percussion and deep sub bass give this track a unique hypnotic groove, perfect for night time listening.

The "Darkroom" EP also features remixes by Phaeleh and Gyu, following their own releases on Urban Scrumping Records. Phaeleh provides a dub inspired take on the title track, "Darkroom", whilst Gyu has fused the blissful, uplifting textures of "Kigelia" with his notoriously clinical beats, rolling bass, and melodic depth.

The "Darkroom" EP features the following tracks:

  1. Darkroom
  2. Kigelia
  3. Darkroom (Phaeleh Dub Mix)
  4. Kigelia (Gyu Remix)