Mirrored EP

Sclist is one of the new breed of producers not confined to the specific parameters of any genre - something fast becoming the defining factor for the pioneers in this brave new world of electronic music. Taking elements from a variety of styles and sounds, his music exists in that weird hinterland on the vanishing point of electronica, re-assembling beats and pieces into strange new contraptions. In theory, Sclist's music shouldn't work or even exist. In practice it is some of the best new music you'll hear all year.

Cyanide takes the dubstep template and filters it through skittering 2-step percussion nailed to a wall of dark, atmospheric bass and ethereal FX, whilst Transient expands this style into dub chamber dramatics and chest-rattling pressure. Dubx distills sounds of the Middle East into a hypnotic, undulating piece of electronica which shares the same fragile clipped quality with Fina, both tracks a masterclass in sharp editing. Title track Mirrored is a sublime slice of mellow dubstep, a perfect late-night track for those moments detached from reality before morning comes back around. Russian connection Gyu transforms the same song into a pulsing breakstep number with warm pads and rolling basslines. Penultimate track Freaks is the sound of garage with all its elements taken apart and re-arranged upside down by a malfunctioning robot, before closer Downtime takes us back to the maternal warmth of soundsystem-heavy bass and midnight melodies.

Support from: 2562 (Tectonic/Hotflush), Komonazmuk (Tempa/Apple Pips/Hench), Rossi b (Planet Mu/Trouble & Bass), Von D (Argon/Black Acre/Boka), Baobinga (Steak House/Trouble & Bass), XXXY(Formant/Mindset/Fabric), Indigo (Mindset/OpenEarz), TMSV (Box Clever), Lung (Kokeshi), I.D. (Build), Bunzer0 (Haunted Audio/Sub FM).

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